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Mother Son Poem
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Item Code: POE-0061

Mother Son Poem

Mother Son Poem. This mother son poem makes a heartfelt gift for your son! You can personalize these mother son poems by adding your own special title to the son poem, and your own 150 character message to your son. These mother son poems come in an 8 1/2" x 11" oak frame and beautiful purple ocean/sky artwork.

I Wish (Your Title)

I was so busy through the day, I didnt take the time to play.

When you brought your games to me, I told you Not now, and quietly,

I cleaned the house, Id iron and cook, but when youd bring your story book,

And ask me to sit and read to you, Id say, I have too much to do.

Id tuck you in your bed at night, youd say your prayers, Id dim the light.

Too quickly Id pass through the door, I should have stayed a minute more.

Lifes much too short, each year flies past, my little boy grew up so fast.

No longer playing by my side, for me to nurture and to guide.

The books and toys are packed away, no longer are there games to play.

No precious bedtime prayers to hear, that all belongs to yester-year.

My days once busy now are calm, the hours empty and too long.

I wish I could go back and do, all the things you asked me to.

(Your Special Message Here)Example: Jack, At the time you dont realize it, but raising your son is the best time of your life! Grandkids? Love, Mom

This item ships out the same day if order placed by 3pm EST M-F. See more mother son poems.

1. Enter your 50 Character Title of the Poem, e.g. Poem to My Son:

Enter your 150 character personalized message for the bottom here


Mother Son Poem

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